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The best ever answer for “what I eat in a day as a diabetic?”


What I eat in a day as a diabetic? check the simple but delicious recipe

Peanut Butter & Overnight 5 grain rolled cereal for the breakfast. (keto diet)

-2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt
-1 tablespoon of sugar-free strawberry preserves
-1/4 spoon of ground cinnamon powder
-1 tablespoon of Chia seeds
-1/2 cup of fat-free milk
-2 tablespoons of natural creamy peanut butter
-2/3 cup of 5 grain rolled cereal
-some fresh strawberries 
-Some chopped toasted peanuts

2/3 cup of 5 grain rolled cereal mix with Chia seeds, natural creamy peanut butter, ground cinnamon powder, fat-free milk, and sugar-free strawberry preserves. After mixing well, cover and keep in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. When you are eating, add Greek yogurt over it some fresh strawberries and chopped toasted peanuts.

A.M. snack for diabetic meal plan
30g of string cheese

Diabetes friendly vegetarian keto diet for the lunch


-1 cup of cooked quinoa and brown rice-ingredients
– 1/2 cup of boiled chickpeas
-1/2 cup of baby spinach
-1 teaspoon of feta cheese
-sliced apple and avocado
-Some chunky tomatoes and yellow pepper
-Some cilantro

Mix 1/2 cup of thawed frozen peas and chopped red 1/2 cup of baby spinach. After mixing, add cooked quinoa and brown rice. Then add boiled chickpeas, Some chunky tomatoes, and yellow pepper. Add sliced apple and avocado. Spread out a teaspoon of feta cheese and over it cilantro.     

P.M. snack for diabetic meal plan
30g of parsnip chips


What I eat in a day as a diabetic?

Diabetes-friendly keto diet with cheesy noodle casserole for the dinner

-3 cups of water
-80 – ounce low fat, low sodium condensed cream of mushroom soup
-70 – ounce no-salt diced tomatoes
-1 cup of sliced Celery stalk
-1 cup of sliced carrots
-1 cup chopped large onion
-1/2 teaspoons of Italian seasoning
-2 cloves garlic
-1/4 teaspoon of salt
-1/4 teaspoon of black pepper
-4 bowls of extra-wide noodles
-1.5-ounce tofu firm
-1-ounce low-fat cheddar cheese

Add 80 ounces of low-fat, low-sodium condensed cream to a mushroom soup to 3 cups of water. Mix it with cloves garlic, Italian seasoning, sliced ​​carrots, sliced ​​celery stalk, black pepper, and no-salt diced tomatoes. Cover and cook it well. Then add cooked extra-wide noodles and stir it while adding 5 ounces of tofu firm. Add low-fat cheddar cheese. Stand until cheese is melted.  

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