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Harring fish with gooseberries for diabetic meal plan


Ingredients for Harring fish with gooseberries

-200g of Gooseberries
-500g of Herring Fish                   
-100g of Mustard Cream          
-Some Oil  
-20g of mustard cream
-100g of oats
-1 Lime
Harring fish with gooseberries


Clean and wash gooseberries and put them into a pan. Add some water to it, put it in the gas cooker till it gets a paste. Do not forget to add some salt when they on the gas cooker.

Take Herring fish and cut off the tail and head. Then cut the downside of the fish. Using your fingers, remove all the things in the fish’s body. Wash them and clean them correctly. Then Slice the fish as sizes you want. Apply mustard cream on sliced fish and roll and cover the oats. Put some salt and black pepper powder as you wish. Put your pan hot. Pour some oil into the pan, then put outs applied sliced fish into the pan. When one side fried well, turn it around to the other side.

When it becomes crispy look, take off, and keep on a plate. Take gooseberries paste and pour over the crispy fish. Then enjoy your Harring fish with gooseberries dish.

Remove the backbones of the fish.

There are easy ways to remove the bones. Put the fish on a flat surface as skin up, push your palm on the fish, turn it over and pull the bones.

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